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    Materials engineering has become one of the key engineering elements in the industries nowadays. Materials issues are closely related to many industries over a wide spectrum of applications, including those of mechanical and electronic materials, optoelectronic materials and devices, composites, ceramic, and polymeric materials, etc. In view of the importance and the potential of materials engineering to the mankind and to the strong domestic demand of materials engineers from emerging high-tech industries in Taiwan, the College of Engineering at the Chinese Culture University began to establish the first graduate institute of its kind in Taiwan that combines both Materials Science and Manufacturing disciplines together in the graduate program in 1997 - the Institute of Materials Science and Manufacturing that offers Master of Science (M.S.) degree.
    The institute actively recruits faculty members in various specialty fields of materials science. The Institute presently has about 24 graduate students enrolling into the Institute every year. The Institute particularly welcomes students with working experience prior the graduate study, with an eye of training the students to become masterful in professional fields combining both theoretical fundamentals and hands-on practical experience so that can be used in multidisciplinary fields of all engineering aspects related to the materials engineering.
    The present research directions of the Institute include mainly twofold: electronic materials and semiconductor processes, and optoelectronic/magnetic properties of materials. The graduate courses are designed so as to fully integrate the class lectures with the specialized research themes of the faculty members in parallel, to provide students with a deeper understanding in specialized fields that are closely related with the high-tech industries in Taiwan.