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Graduate Institute of Nanomaterials

Welcome to Graduate Institute of Nanomaterials

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The important instruments and equipments:

1. Diffraction analysis instrument of the X-rays (X-RAY DIFFRACTION SYSTEM, X' TRA-045, Switzerland, Thermo ARL)

2. Field emission electron microscope (JSM-6335FNT, Britain OXFORD) with Energy dispersing type X-rays analysis instrument (Link IsIs Microanlysis, EDS, Britain OXFORD)

3. Telecom land analysis instrument (TDR, Agilent Technologies, U.S.A. Agilent) at the No.

4. Analysis instrument of the network (Network Analyzer, Agilent E5071B, U.S.A. Agilent)

5. Thermal analysis instrument (TGA, DSC, DTA, and DMA Perkin Elmer)

6. The electrochemical material tests the system (Electrochemical System, 12558WB, Solartron)

7. Atomic Force Microscope, AFM, U.S.A. Burleigh, METRIS-2001-NC

8. Optical microscope

9. Microhardness Tester, SHIMADZU/JAPAN, Model: HMV-2

10. The mechanical properties of the trends draw the press (MTS- 10T Testing Machine, Model 810) 

11. Fine Wei's drawing machine of small-scale static behavior (MTS- 10kg Testing Machine)

12. Diamond saw cutting machines (Buehler, model accurately: 11-1280-160)

13. Digit type electric current, voltage measure apparatus (Keithley, 2400 Digital Source Meter with IEE Interaface, USA)

14. Heat treatment furnace (KSON, THS-B4H + - 180) at constant temperature

15. The vacuum arc melter (Vacuum Arc Melter) ( Keithley, 2400 Digital Source Meter with IEE Interaface, USA)

16. Vacuum Sputter Machine (the real company of day of Taiwan)